You are close to your goal. You can walk 20 minutes from the train station (gare versailles chateau rive gauche) to the queens gate to reach which is the nearest gate from the petit Trianon. (choose Versailles Rive Gauche Chteau) The route of the RER C Line is as follows: Gare dAusterlitz St. Michel-Notre Dame Musee dOrsay Invalides Pont de lAlma Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel Javel Pont du Garigliano Issy Val de Seine Issy Meudon Val Fleury Chaville Vlizy Viroflay Rive Gauche Porchefontaine Versailles-Rive Gauche. The train is probably your best bet to get to Versailles, but there are a few other options to suit your budget and expectations. RER Stations are marked with a blue sign RER surrounded by a circle. Can I travel from trappes to Versailles by train. It easy to get to Versailles by RER, which is like a suburban extension of the metro. My family and I will be in Paris for the holidays. From either the Versailles Chantiers station, it's about a 25-minute walk to the Chteau de Versailles, where you should also expect a considerable wait in the tourist queue (especially during the high season) to enter the palace. Once you are at the station, the walk to the Versailles Palace should take ten minutes. Do you propose a tour to discover the Necropolis of the French King at the Saint Denis cathedral ? Get your Uber promo code in Paris. Hope this helps. But I dont think so. From La Dfense, you'll have an easy drive to Versailles. If you dont wait to get your train and if are really close to Saint Lazare train station, you will be at the palace in 45 minutes. The train fare to Versailles does not include admission to the Palace of Versailles, so you will need to buy the latter separately. Ask the concierge of your hotel how to reach the metro station by walk. There are direct bus services available. Reach any of the Metro/RER stations mentioned on the RER C route map shown above. Not to mention, the. Distance from Paris. 95700 Roissy-en-France, France+33 1-70-36-39-50. Taxi How Much. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. Xavier. Thank you so much for sharing this. That is one of the options that googlemaps is giving me, but I dont see that as a Train line in the helpful guide above. Since the Palace of Versailles is in the suburbs, you need to board an RER train. The return train ticket from Versailles to Paris is also valid the next day. Locals refer to the Central Station as Gare Du Nord. Pickup locations may vary by terminal. Unfortunately, we cant expect whether the train to Versailles will be on strike or not. Short answer, no. 12.54 miles (20.18 km) with 28 min travel time. Whatever culinary experience youre looking for, the restaurants at Charles de Gaulle Airport have you covered. Find your favorite features, including real-time pricing and cash-free payment, even if youre in a new place. (NOT Versailles-Rive Droite or Versailles-Chantier). Check it back in a while! Sure, you could take Uber, but why would you when it's so much less expensive to hop on the RER? However, if you plan on visiting France, you can learn simple French words or terms to help you extend the necessary courtesy to the locals. Three good sources are Paris Bike Tour, Paris Vlo, and Paris Bike Company. An uberPOOL car can pick you up in ~3 min. Also, what time does Palace Versailles open and what time would the earliest train arrive? Most of us dont like foreigners in our home town who are rude, right? On the right of the destination you have the time left before the next train. Otherwise, you must buy a round-trip ticket (which means you'll actually get two 1-way tickets, one in each direction) at one of the ticket machines, whether you are going by RER or train. Once you reach the Palace of Versailles, you can enter the estate for free through one of the bike-friendly gates, and ride along picturesque paths through the woods and meadows. Reserve a ride with Uber in advance in Paris Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber in Paris. An expert guide stays with you till you get back to Paris. In the train station, there are blue display screens showing which RER C trains are heading where. I followed your advice and reached Versailles and thanks very much for the simple and clear cut explanations!!!!!! Planning a holiday? If youre on a layover at Charles de Gaulle Airport and you have enough time to get to Paris city centeryoull need about 6 hours at the very leastthere are plenty of historic sites you can explore. Unless you have your own bike, you can easily rent one for a day at a reasonable cost. RER. The ride lasts 45 minutes or so, depending on the time of the day and the traffic. Get the best of Versailles with our Private Tours ! Keep in mind: the machine will print you 2 tickets per person. Enjoy your stay in Versailles. It's a safe, cool and convenient way to get started with Uber for free. Thank you very much. # Half-day self-guided bus tour# Palace of Versailles with Audio Guide and Transfers# Guided full-day bus tour to Versailles. Follow this step by step guide to get safely to the Versailles chateau. To Sum up, from your RER C station, catch the train direction Pont de Rungis Aeroport dOrly and change at the station Champs de Mars Tour Eiffel. A greeter or a expert human guide is always there with you to help, You can choose from three bus tours to Versailles . I heard there have been train strikes in Paris. This was so helpful!! Or is 1.5 hours return? * Thank you, If you want to make some savings, the cheapest way to get to Versailles from Paris is to use public transports and especially by train. If so, you may be wondering: "What's the best way to get there from Paris?". Keep the return ticket safely inside your wallet/bag. Then walk up to the palace of versailles and enjoy. The easiest and most stress-free way to get to Versailles Palace is to join a group tour that includes transportation from Paris on a luxury coach or train. For those wondering about Lyft, it currently does not operate in Europe, so you cant use it in Paris. I have two ladies wanting to travel from Paris to Versailles and staying two night. Can you request an Uber trip at Charles de Gaulle Airport? Thanks much for very helpful information. If you continue to use this site, you agree with it. Very clear and informative. Thanks! * Uber fare estimate from Paris to Palace of Versailles may vary due to weather and traffic. The Champ de Mars station is probably a short walk from where you're staying. The day of the Marathon, plenty streets are closed. Of course, if you come to Versailles from Paris by coach or minivan with a group tourand want to stay longer, you can always return to Paris on your own on the train. Select the language option for "English" (or another language), follow the instructions on the screen, and pay for your ticket with your credit card. After you have seen the State Apartments, Hall of Mirrors, the King and Queens Bedroom, etc, you take a leisurely walk in the beautiful gardens. Normally Yes! You will find below are our advice to reach quickly and safely the castle of Versailles from your hotel located in Paris. Uber has since suspended UberPOP. Thanks . Choose the CDG airport transportation option that suits your group size and luggage needs. Yes victoria, How to Get From Paris To Versailles: 5 Options! Get Directions. You have 2 end destinations for each line : one on each side of the line. Your drivers name, license plate, and car color will show in the app. Transit time (again, depending on where you are in the city) might be 30-45 minutes, but it can easily be longer if you get stuck in city traffic or on the Pripherique, the ring road around Paris. Bonjour, our hotel is near the Rome metro station. My wife and I will be arriving by cruise ship at Le Havre toward the end of May and would like to know the fastest way to get to Chateau de Versailles. Just want to check if I can take metro/train from one destination but another one for return way? # Palace of Versailles# Eiffel Tower# Louvre Museum# Arc de Triomphe# Disneyland Paris# Musee dOrsay# Centre Pompidou# Paris Zoo# Notre Dame# Pantheon# Catacombs of Paris# Opera Garnier# Montparnasse Tower# Picasso Museum# Sainte Chapelle# Seine River Cruise# Seine Dinner Cruise. In most cities, your cost is calculated up front, before you confirm your ride. Buy your ticket at the station (ticket machine or from the person in the station). If you opt to take a taxi or Uber to Versailles, you could pay at least about 40 50 ($43 $55) each way. Should you consider using a ride-share service such as Uber or a taxi for getting to Versailles from Paris? Should be purchase in advance or just take a chance? We will be staying at Hotel Felicen in Paris. The Metro lines serve the city of Paris, while the RER trains serve Paris and its suburbs. Your email address will not be published. Content and original photos protected by DMCA. Whether youre looking for wine and spirits, beauty products, or souvenirs from your trip to Paris, the CDG Airport shops are sure to have what youre looking for. Frequent question: How far outside of paris is versailles? At the station, direction of travel will be indicated by both the number and the destination. If you follow all the other tourists getting down from the train, you will reach the Palace of Versailles after a ten-minute walk. Your guided tour starts in Paris itself when you get picked up from your hotel. Please keep your tickets with you because you will need them to exit the station. You need to agree with the terms to proceed. Thank you for the details, the best I have seen. The Palace of Versailles is one of the most visited Royal residences in the World. The frequency of the trains running allows you increased flexibility in your itinerary, giving you more leisurely time to explore Versailles and other tourist attractions along the way. Have questions? Much appreciated. Follow our step by step guide to get to Versailles from Paris Montparnasse. Parking in Paris is also exceptionally pricy and can cost more than your evening meal. Then get off the metro at Invalides station. If you do try to use a Metro ticket for this trip, you risk a hefty fine. As a result, visitors to Paris usually stick to the metro services because they are cheaper, faster, and easy to navigate. Each of the three train options requires walking to or from a respective station. Line N starts at Paris Gare Montparnasse Station, in the southern part of Paris called Necker, a neighborhood in the 15th arrondissement. My route appears then to be: St. Placide (on route 4 purple) to St Michel/Notre Dame station, connect with RER C Yellow with destination Versailles Chateau Rive Gauche. Our nearest metro station appears to be the St. Placide station. When you choose a coach tour, you'll re-board the busat a designated time and ride back to Paris with your group. Best Please note: You cannot use a regular Metro ticket to travel between Paris and Versailles because regular Metro tickets include travel on the RER ( a suburban train line that is technically not part of the Metro system) only for Zone 1, which is central Paris. If you have a photo of your trip to Versailles, well be happy to post it! Versailles? Your tickets are already booked so you skip the long lines and enjoy a self-guided audio tour of the Palace. Excellent website. Click on direction and choose the starting point that fits the exact address of your hotel or apartment located in Paris. Buses from Paris to Versailles cover the 10 miles (16 km) long journey taking on average 40 min with our travel partners like BlaBlaCar. Montparnasse is very close to your hotel. Thats not so easy to answer. Thank you so much for this informative website. Yes! You are in the corner next to my office! Normally, as a Paris visitor, you don't want to be burdened with a car in Paris because a) driving in Paris can be a nightmare if you're not used to it, and b) parking can cost more than dinner. You can check this Google map itinerary from the stationVersailles Rive Gauche to Chateau Versaillesto see the short walk from the station to the Chateau. In either case, nod and reply, "Merci, Monsieur (or Madame).". was updated The process is quick and easy, but if you make a mistake, just hit "cancel" and start over. The Transilien Line N option is ideal if you are booked into accommodation in southern Paris. Veru easy, just walk to get to Siant Lazare train station and take the train up to Versailles. The offer and terms are subject to change. 4. Your responses to all the questions was very informative for sure. Get answers to your questions about Paris, 10 Steps for submitting great Forum questions. How many airports in paris francetrackid=sp-006? It is not easy to confirm you a precise schedule. To find the RER C platform from where the train to Versailles Chteau Rive Gauche will pass through, look for display screens inside the station. Buses have the smallest carbon footprint of all motorized transport modes. It is up to you if that euro is worth it to go looking for a taxi. Versailles Rive Gauche (RER C from the Saint-Michel and Champ de Mars stations if coming from Paris)>>. Your email address will not be published. I know a lot of people are paying money to get to Versailles by tour or taxi, etc.. Im sure that most people already know this, but for those of you that dont, Google maps gives you the exact way to get to Versailles from wherever you are in Paris. Our tour The Unmissables half day for 3 people cost 555 from door to door all included. This organized day trip from Paris to Versailles will help you benefit from an all-in-one solution, including transportation from Paris, entrance tickets to both the palace and the gardens, and an audio guide. Thanks so much for your help, Justine. ", They'll understand what you're asking, and even if you don't understand their response, watch their gestures to figure out if you should find a seat on the bus or get off and wait for the next one. If you're like many visitors, the opulent Palace and its vast Estate and Gardens may be near the top of famous attractions you want to see during your time in the City of Light. If you are not sure, fire up your Google Map and identify which station is near you. I will be traveling from Paris to Versailles this October. Our advise: Paris is safe, however, we recommend you to be careful with pick pockets: keep an eye on your belongings. Suppose you are staying in either of these places. I will be in Paris on April with my 10 yrs old son and I just realized that the day we are planning to go to Versailles is April 9th, which is the same day of the International Marathon. In other words, if you have the all-zone Navigo or Visite pass, you do not need an additional ticket so your trip to Versailles and back will cost you nothing extra. Are the train tickets available for purchase ahead of time for the round trip? Thinking at that time of evening this might be better than dealing with a train. 4 hours. Remember, if you're using a round-trip or 1-way train or metro ticket, keep your ticket once you get on the train because you'll need to show it to the conductor and then insert it in a turnstile in order to exit the station. Is it possible to buy direct ticket to Versailles at Gare de lEst? Display screen in a train station in Paris. If you still want to take a cab, a taxi would cost about 100 or so, depending on the exact itinerary; I guess a Uber will probably be a bit cheaper. This full-day guided tour of the magnificent Palace of Versailles starts at 9 am from Paris. I would be going on June 28th from Paris to Versailles. Paris to Versailles by train line L from Saint Lazare train station. Just follow the indication given by Google Map: figure out the metro lines and its destination. Do you want to know the best itinerary for your Paris Versailles day trip ? Yes there are some bike rental inside the park of Versailles. I dont see any reasons why we couldnt get a ticket at this station to travel to Versailles castle. so I have to leave at least by 7am, right? To see the rates, you just need to fill out the booking form and choose without transportation. Best, If you choose an hotel or apartment in the south of Paris, thats the right option. We'll receive a small commission when you purchase from our links (at no extra cost to you). There are a few stations along the Seine River, so you are bound to be close to one when youre in Paris. Skip the lines, save time and enjoy ! Thanks in advance. You must book your RER ticket for Versailles Rive Gauche because it is the closest train station to the Palace of Versailles. In addition, there are options for both English and Spanish visitors. Are there any bike rentals in Versailles? Regular shuttle services connect CDG with central Paris. If you opt for the RER C Line, your ticket will include transport on the metro and the train. I forwarded this to my group who are also travelling to Paris. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Stay up to date about exciting tours, unique trips, exclusive experiences, and the very best that France has to offer. Paris Discovery Guide makes no representations or warranties with respect to any information, materials, or graphics on this website, all of which is provided on a strictly "as is" basis, without express or implied warranty of any kind. Uber is the ideal choice for people departing from Paris-Orly Airport (ORY). In others, you will see an estimated fare range*. In case you're wondering, you cannot reuse your metro ticket to Pont de Svresfor the bus, because metro/bus transfers using the same ticket are not permitted. How much is an uber from paris to versailles? It takes about 1h to 1h30 to get to the door of the palace with the RER train C. As you can see, the solution that you will use will be a mix between walk, metro and train. Youll find both. This guide is customized to make sure that each one of you can get to Versailles by his own safely with her/his family for the cheapest option. If your pass is a Navigo Dcouverte you can buy a "complment de parcours" from zone 3 to Versailles at the station where you board the RER C. That is a supplement for the section of your trip beyond zone 3. Xavier. Then, you will have a better understanding of the Gardens of Versailes. If I arrive by ferry at Dieppe can I get a train straight to Versailles or must I travel to Paris first, Hi, how often do the trains run to Versailles? It is about 10 for a half day for rent. You must walk the last one kilometer (0.6 Miles) from the station, which means the time taken to your destination in Versailles will be one hour. Have a pleasant visit to Versailles palace and its gardens. Did you know that we have all the fare rates for Uber Paris ? Head to Chanel or Swarovski for jewelry and watches, or pick up some of the latest fashions at Prada, Dior, Gucci, and many more of the worlds leading fashion outlets. with 36 min travel time. There are no ticket queues at bus or train stations, and there is no need to drive on jam-packed roads. CDG also offers shuttle transfers from parking facilities to the airport. La Terrasse Vivienne Opra area? Very useful details and should make the trip stress free and more enjoyable. I think its the RER C that I would take. Versailles?. All trains passing through this station go to Paris. Opportunists like pickpockets are always on the lookout for distracted tourists. Best. Pont de Svres Place Gabriel Pri Atrium Puits-Sans-Vin Pointe de Chaville La Grce De Dieu Prsident Doumer Porchefontaine Vergennes Place dArmes (Versailles). Yes you can take the RER line B at gare du nord in the center of Paris. We can organise this trip for you. Arriving in Paris around 5:15pm. Question: How much would a uber be from middletown ohio to paris illinois? They suggest an alternate route with multiple busses and Optile(? The cost still be 7,1 per person? This article was researched & written by: Devyani Bhattacharjee enjoys traveling to new, exotic locations. If you take a train from Paris to Versailles, the traveling time will be around 50 minutes. Important to Know: RER C has two branches in the direction of Versailles. What is the best way to get there by train from Le Marais to get to versailles palace and gardens? If you want to sort transportation yourself, but would appreciate the guided tour and the skip-the-line ticket, click here to buy your ticket. if so what is the best website to use for purchase? Contents A one-way trip between Paris and Versailles by Uber or taxi will typically cost you a minimum of around 42 - 50, assuming no major traffic jams and depending on your specific Paris location. The station is only a 5-10 minute walk from the Palace gates and you'll see plenty of signs and directions along the way. Dont miss the Appolo Gallery in le Louvre. The best way to reach Versailles from Gare de Paris-Nord is to take the train that takes 59 minutes and costs 4 - 9. My family and I (There are 6 of us 2 adults and 4 children ages 18, 16, 14, 11) will be staying in an AirBnB in Versailles and are planning to take a train in to visit Paris. Xavier. Create your own real life musical score by curating a personalized bus travel playlist - the perfect accompaniment to your bus ride from Paris to . Uber and Lyft prices are directly tied to driver supply, according to the companies. It can be a good idea to leave around 8amThe last train from Paris to Versailles is around 11.30pm. All rights reserved | Made with love, Oh yes, affiliate links may be sprinkled throughout the awesome, free article you see below. Is there a elevator at VERSAILLES-RIVE GAUCHE station? The buses run between 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM daily. Using Uber to get around Paris Uber is legal in France, and it is very active in Paris. Infants aged 3 years and younger do not require a ticket. Best, Sorry Anna but I ma not sure. However, Paris traffic and the high cost of renting out a car for a day weigh down this option. Both ways of travel are quite comfortable, but there is a key difference. Be sure the bus is going all the way to Versailles, as some buses along that route terminate much sooner. Benefit from one of our gentleman drivers and his comfortable executive cars. You can take a train from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to Versailles via Saint-Michel Notre-Dame in around 1h 29m. The last metro train station leaves at 11:30PM/12, can we finish the fireworks with such little time in between? We have a special visit about the French Crown jewel if you are interested. Nothing easier, lets connect on google Map and find out the best way to get to Versailles from your hotel: Most of the time, you will use our Paris to versailles itinerary using the RER C train. Case B : if you catch the RER C train in the northwestern part of Paris (station: RER C St Ouen, RER C Porte de clichy, RER C Pereire Levallois, RER C Neuilly Porte Maillot, RER C Avenue Foch, RER C Avenue Henri Martin or RER C Boulainvilliers), in this case, youll need to change of train before to catch your train Paris Versailles Chateau RG (VICK). This is the first rollout in a series of updates that Uber has planned for the new design of their app. And if you love biking, this may become one of your favorite memories of your trip. Thank you. We are thinking of staying for the fireworks at Versailles but will need to be back in Paris that night. You will need to walk back to the train station on your own, but that's super-easy to do. Best She is always waiting to step out and explore the amazing historical structures, delectable cuisines, magnificent cultures, and gorgeous people worldwide. Learn more. This is really informative! This train will take you from Montparnasse train station in the south of Paris to Versailles Rive Gauche chantier in about 50 minutes. Pro Tip: If you do decide to take the bus, do yourself a big favor and download the RATP app on your phone, which provides clear directions and a useful map for finding the station location. Find details about getting your Vernon train tickets at Gare Saint-Lazare. (look below). I will stay at Paris Rivoli Hotel which I believe is on the same path of the runners. I know that there is a train from Le Havre to Gare du Nord. This taxi fare estimate from Paris to Versailles was updated 8 days ago . If youre uncertain that the bus is headed for Versailles, you can ask the bus driver politely even if you dont speak French. We would like to take the train to Versailles and have a private tour of the Chteau if thats possible. Can you contact me via the contact form or by email ? You dont have to worry about transportation to Versailles and back2. Certain requirements and features vary by country, region, and city. What would be the cost and journey time for vehicle transport rather than the train? Best The Mtro is the cheapest, easiest and fastest way to get around Paris. On the photo above you can see the train Line L that rides at the north of Paris from Saint Lazare station and finally gets to the West of Paris direction Versailles. If you check our website, we propose several private guided tour of Versailles. And Top Paris Transfercan provide you with exactly that. Tour operators usually make special arrangements with popular attractions, like discounted rates or the benefit of skipping queues. Paris Metro is the fastest way of getting around Paris. Where is the nearest train to Versailles? Which neiborhood? When you do that it tells you exactly how to walk to the nearest station. If you don't have it, you'll most likely be fined. Order your taxi in 1 click on your smartphone and access the 9,000 taxi drivers selected and trained to G7 service quality standards. Get to the nearest metro station from your hotel. My 80 year old mother walks with difficulty so wish to minimize walking and stair. Take the Uber. In that case, you can ask your accommodation for secure storage or a safe to keep your valuables while you explore the area. So thanks for saving us money too. Have your address written down on a piece of paper to give to the driver, and you wont really have to communicate beyond that. Child under 6 years old: Free ticket needed to enter the Palace available on supplier site. The entire trip will take 4.5 to 5 hours much shorter than if you planned it yourself. What are the options to get from one of the train stations to the Queens Gate for a Marie-Antoinette Trianons Tour? Could you please provide me a quote for a 4 hour guide ? This is a great, informative website. Be sure to board one that's going to Versailles Chateau Rive-Gauche. It helps you to understand how to get to Versailles from Paris by train easily. How much is it going to cost? Number: inside Paris. Even if a trip is not very long, Uber rates to and from Charles de Gaulle Airport may still be affected by time, traffic, and other factors. When youre ready, open the Uber app to request a ride to your destination. This taxi fare estimate from Paris to Palace of Versailles High end cars for 6 with top-rated drivers. What to pack/wear for mid-October Weather. Top photo:The Palace of Versailles and Apollo Fountain - Photo credit: Tiffany Cade/Unsplash, Paris Discovery Guide is a reader-supported publication. Alternatively, you can take the 91 bus, which costs 6 - 17 and takes 1 hour and 42 minutes. CDG Airports wifi service enables you to enjoy free, unlimited internet access, while premium wifi options are also available for people who need an even faster connection. Both Paris and Versailles are safe destinations, but it is always wise to keep an eye on your belongings. All Palace of Versailles bus tours from Paris, come with Skip The Line tickets, which means, you dont need to stand in the line. Map and stations along the RER C train in central Paris up to Versailles rive gauche station. Xavier. The Palace of Versailles is in the city of Versailles in the Ile-de-France region of Northern France. I hope it help to reach the castle of Versailles. Youll need to take a metro or bus to Pont de Svres metro station and then hop on a #171 bus going to Versailles. gilmore funeral home winston salem, nc obituaries, meritain claims address, the governor oakland rapper,
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